Lean Manufacturing Process Empowers people to reduce waste

Operations Assessment

We evaluate both manufacturability and our core competencies through our Lean manufacturing process, following these four key focus areas:

  • Assessment
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Progress

We approach product development on a global scale and share a company-wide drawing bank. In manufacturing, we evaluate locally and then share lessons learned globally. We see great innovation from this approach as it allows involvement at the shop floor level in the manufacturing process and provides a framework for systematic continuous improvement. We use this approach to maintain our ISO9001 and 14001 certifications.


Environmental Footprint

In our Lean manufacturing approach we define our environmental footprint in manufacturing and look at ways to improve or eliminate what we call waste. Common opportunities we find in our waste evaluations and key indicators include:

  • Time
  • Energy use
  • Material waste
  • Water and chemical use

Continuous improvement is imbedded in our culture, with most facilities ISO9001 certified, our final site is in process. We also are ISO14001 certified in our European facility and establishing a framework to do the same globally.